Component industry chain community

Develop Together and Create the Future

Component industry chain community

Constructing an Efficient, Flexible and Cooperative Component Industry Chain Community 

Component industry chain is characterized by fewer upstream enterprises, complex intermediate industries and huge downstream enterprises。In today's fierce international competition, component industry chain needs to establish a good enterprise ecosphere to consolidate the overall competitive advantage of the industrial chain。As the intelligent management platform of supply chain, Ludisda builds the Asia-Pacific electronic distribution base based on the public bonded warehouse, and deeply intervenes in the upstream original factories and intermediate distributors of the component industry chain.Downstream manufacturers link, and access to government, universities, banks, certification and other third-party institutions, so as to build an efficient, flexible, collaborative component industry chain community。
Build base Deep links Access mechanism

Building Component Industry Chain Community in the Future

Deep involvement in the components industry chain overseas manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers; access to government, universities, banks, certification and other third-party institutions; build an efficient, flexible and collaborative component industry chain community


  • · 海事局
  • · 質監局
  • · 發改委
  • · 海關
  • · 統計局
  • · 消防局
  • · 商檢局
  • · 教育局
  • · 環保局
  • · 外管局
  • · 公安局
  • · 房產局
  • · 保稅區
  • · 審計局
  • · 社保局
  • · 交委
  • · 財政局
  • · 民航局
  • · 國土局
  • · 銀監局
  • · 證監局
  • · 城建局
  • · 銀聯
  • · 工信局
  • · 法院
  • · 國/地稅局
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